My Complete Service List

Want to know more about my services? Take the time to read this page. It contains details about my company, work, and policies that you would want to know. At ConcreStone, I have an ever-growing clientele and that alone speaks volumes about me and the level of my craftsmanship. By choosing to work with me, you are decided to work with one of the leading specialists in Dundee, OR and the region as a whole.

My Services Are

Concrete Driveways

At ConcreStone, I can lay and smooth concrete driveways of all sizes and shapes. I can create different patterns, stamps, finishes, and textures. I use quality mixtures and effective pouring techniques to create solid and sturdy surfaces that can withstand the natural elements and the traffic to which they will be subjected.

Concrete Work

Concrete Work

Concrete Sidewalks

Apart from creating driveways, I can also make sidewalks. I am armed with top-notch instruments that enable me to work with surgical precision and therefore, avoid the formation of gaps, cracks, air pockets, and other blemishes that can compromise the integrity of my work.

Concrete Entryways

I can build concrete entryways. I have the tools to create even steps and solid foundations that will easily ensure the foot traffic and serve you for years to come. My prices are reasonable and fair.

Concrete Patios

Use my services in Dundee, OR and have me build you a concrete patio that will enable you to enjoy your landscape from a comfortable and sturdy structure. I can construct patios of various sizes, heights, and shapes. I will also conduct a final inspection to make sure there aren’t any structures flaws.

Modern Concrete Work

I am an expert in modern concrete work. I use only the finest regular concrete to create dependable and stylish structures. Also, I can repair different issues with your surfaces and features and restore their original condition.

Call (503) 298-6515 to schedule an appointment to book the service that you need me to provide you with. I would be honored to help you!